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    Passadori Pianoforti

    Steinway & Sons dealer for Brescia, Cremona, Mantova, Verona, Trento and Bolzano provinces

    Ancient piano dealer established by Giuseppe Passadori (Brescia, May the 20th 1893, November the 17th 1959). He started the activity when he was sixsteen, restoring his first piano under the expert guide of his uncle Guglielmo Borghetti, organist and piano teacher, son of an ancient spinets producer (one those spinets, dating back to late 700-early 800, is preserved in our offices). From that very first restoration, Giuseppe Passadori laid the foundation of a passion that was going to become his job and his life, and then the life and the job of his whole family.
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    The Steinway Family

    Since 1853, Steinway & Sons has been building the very best grand and upright pianos in the world. And it continues to set new standards of sound, touch, beauty and value of a piano, both grand and upright. From the legendary Steinway to the Essex for beginner players, passing through the Boston piano for the most ambitious players: to each his own piano.

    Steinway & Sons

    The need starts from the passion.
    A Steinway grand piano, the gold standard amongst musical instruments, a commitment to the finest craftsmanship and uncompromising expression since 1853. A Steinway is the first choose of concert pianists and the centrepiece of a cultured home all around the world.


    The experience inspiration.
    Articulation. Precision. Elegance. You will recognise your instrument if it allows you to express your musical vision as if there were nothing between your fingers and the music in the air. Experience the possibilities by playing on this member of the Steinway family. Lovers of music as well as piano teachers and institutions with a medium-sized budget will always make an excellent decision by selecting a Boston grand or upright piano.


    The pleasure of listening.
    The first step is in fact the easiest – with the uprights and grands of Essex designed by Steinway & Sons. You too can begin your musical journey into the Steinway family with an instrument of quality unparalleled by anything else in its price range. Essex grand and upright pianos benefit from the exclusive construction features and patents of Steinway & Sons. Each instrument is inspected by Steinway-trained technicians after manufacture.

    What our clients say about us

    With many thanks for your help and for the magnificent Steinway! Your Nikolai
    Nikolai Demidenko
    It was a big pleasure to play here today, surrounded by many beautiful pianos! All the best and thank you! Katia Labèque
    Katia Labèque
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